Crystal Autoclave Class-B

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Product Description

Available 16 /18 / 23 Litter
It fit EN13060 standard with opening tank on the top which is convenient to cleaning
Standard Class B with three times vacuum and drying, the remaining temperature of sterilized instrument is less than 0.2%
The vacuum data can reach -0.8bar, it fits various instrument, including package、unpackaged、solid、hollow、multi-apertures and inset pipes. It makes sure the instrument can be sterilized completely
Fuzzily computer controlled, digital bright show. The interface is modularized panel for easy operation
PHILIPS chip, famous world, powerful memory, process data fast and reliable
It is installed with BOWIE&DICK which measures the penetration of water steam
it has vacuum text which can make sure the ability of texting vacuuming
Efficient double-head vacuum pump,low noise,vacuum ability could get -0.92Bar,double head ensure the balance during working and stable vacuum state in the chamber
Fast and independent steam generator
Stable ULKA water pump made in Italy
Large capacity instrument tray made of SS. SU304
Safety lock and triple temperature.overload protecting
Inset cleaning device
Special function of creating medicine cotton and sterilizing rubber items
Handsome aspect and good quality
It have 4-Button operation panel, so convenient
Mini printer is able to be connected which can record the sterilizer information
Warning message, Error is made easier to judge

Main Features
Safety System: Relief valve , Hand lock door, Pressure lock system, Pressure or temperature over load protection, Alarm system
Testing System: Bowie&Dick Test, Vacuum Test, Helix Test
Special Program: HIV, HBV long-sterilization program
Chamber: Medical stainless steel 304, Max working pressure:2.3bar, Min working pressure: -0.9bar, Max temperature: 145
Water consumption in one cycle: 0.16L~0.18L

Rated power : 1500W            Voltage : 220V~240V          Frequency : 50-60Hz

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Crystal Class-B 18/23 L