AIKE Electric Motor

Dental Brushless Low-voltage Electric Motor-
• Electric motor is particularly small and surprisingly light and therefore allows you to work with ease.
• Brushless direct current motor with low noise and long life for speed stability & high efficiency.
• Speed range: 100-200000rpm
• Torque range:0.6-6.0Ncm

  • Brand: Denjoy
  • Model: AIKE Electric Motor


  • Multi-function and source of power
  • New brushless micro motor
  • Foc vector control system
  • Intelligent color screen touch control system
  • Better ergonomic design
  • First able to cut off air and water channel independently


  • Input voltage:220VAC, 50Hz, Output voltage:32Vdc output current:2A
  • Speed range: 1000~200000 rpm
  • Torque range: 0.6~6.0 N·cm
  • Light source: LED, Maximum brightness>25000Lx.
  • Recommended cooling gas: 20L/min(250kPa~500kPa)
  • Recommended spray water: 60mL/min(200kPa)
  • Recommended spray gas: rate of flow 2L/min


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