OMS3200 Dental Microscope

• Motorized zoom system, Magnification factor 0.4x-2.4x
• Motorized VarioDist objective lens 200mm: 450mm

  • Brand: Zumax
  • Model: OMS3200


  • FreeMov Electromagnetic system.
  • MFH Multifunctional handles with Joysteck.
  • SmartMon LCD Display: displaying current working distance, zoom factor, magnification measurement scale, LED brightness.
  • 180 inclinable binocular tube with PD adjusting knobs.
  • 12.5x wide-field eyepieces with adjustable eyeglass wearers.
  • Briplus LED illumination system > 120,000lux at working distance 250mm.
  • 30% auto-increased intensity at maximum magnification - integrated orange and green filters.


  • FluoDet Fluorescent Module.
  • Interchangeable InterFil Laser filters: LF40 (488-514nm), LF60 (660nm), LF80 (800-830nm).
  • Integrated 1080p Full HD video camera with recording on SD card 64GB.
  • 1/1.8" Sony CMOS, live video streaming of HDMI to desktop devices and mobile phones.
  • Android/iOS via zumax Ap, transferred via wireless WIFI or wired RJ45.
  • Micro 3D-II: 2x 1/1.8" Sony CMOS, 1x 2D HDMI export and 1x3D HDMI export
  • 8-Function Footpedal: Motorized zoom4/-, Motorized focus +/-, Lighting +/-taking pictures / videos


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