Dental Suction 750X

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Product Description

Strong power
High quality ,strong power,super flow,to result continued and stable suction power
The second protector for dentist
innovative 2 grade separate system,high from compatible,firm-solid long-wearing machine
show abvious advantage when deal with large of blood ooam,can save large of water resources
Sharp response speed
Arrival to strong suction power within much seconds,each suction channel’s suction strenth with
continue and stable arrival to more or less 300L/Min
Simple maintain
To take seoarate enquipment apart conveniently,is easy to clear
Sharp installation
New opened clinic or update clinic,we can offer prefect solution programe

With an air/liquid separation unit. it used to separates the liquid and solid particles
with drain pump system, it discharges the residue of liquid and blood automatically after stopping the vacuum pump motor. it prevent clogging problems

This dental suction is for three dental units

Techincal Parameter
power: 220V/50Hz or 220V/60HZ
Input power: 750W
Maximum wind pressure:18kPa
Vacuum degree: -14kPa
Air flow: 900L/min
Noise: 62dB
motor revolution: 2800r/min
Packing size: 610*440*710mm

يجب تجهيز الوصلات التالية بين جهاز الشفط واليونت
مخرج صرف بجانب جهاز الشفط
ماسورة صرف قطرها 1 بوصه بين مكان جهاز الشفط واليونت
طرفى سلك كهرباء بين مكان جهاز الشفط واليونت

Additional Information