SLF Flip-Up Binocular Loupes

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Product Description

SLF series Binocular Loupes is designed for all possible medical needs

Multi-coated, high grade glass lenses produce crisp, clear image

The Loupes which employ eyepiece of very large view field diameter. The depth of focus is deep and object can be seen stereoscopically with actual distance feeling

The angle of the loupes can be adjusted between 0 ~40 with ease and fatigue is minimized even after prolonged use
6mm up and down displacement. Pupil distance can be adjusted individually which could be suited for all kind of faces

Adapts to any Headband and Headlight of Zumax

Smart design, convenient for mobile diagnosis
Vertical distance: 6mm
Adjustable viewing angle: 0 ~40
Adjustable pupil distance: 45mm/1.6”~80mm/3.1”

2.5x is the most popular model. It offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus

3.0x is designed for dentists who need more magnigication, which give you good field of view and depth of focus

3.5x is the highest magnification available in Galilean Loupes, being suitable for specialist work within a smaller depth of view, and allows you to perform most dental procedures, such like cosmetic, crown and bridge etc

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SLF Flip Up Loupe